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At the beginning of the 20th century, Remigio Morillo bought the first olive trees and passed on his passion for the olive tree, the land and the oil to his children. His son Carlos took over the business in 1982 and created Oleícola Jaén and converted to a oil mill His three sons, now third generation Morillo, they have kept alive the legacy of his grandfather. All their oil have a worldwide prestige and won several international awards.

The aim of Oleicola Jaen with this kit is offer the opportunity to teach how to recognize some of the oil characteristics in order to take advantage of them in the kitchen.

All our oils are early harvested, which gives a fresh or ripe fruity in nose, spicy and bitter taste in the mouth. These are the main characteristics for considering an oil extra virgin.

It is necessary to respect the order as to be able to appreciate the differences. The ideal thing is tastin the oils with a empty stomach, first smell and successively you taste it in a small glass heated with your hands. If you want to try them all the same day, clean your mouth with bread and a sip of water, after each tasting.


In nose it presents an intense green fruity with nuances of tomato and almond. In mouth it has a sweet and slightly spicy taste. Ideal for toasts, salads and desserts.

In nose it presents an intense green fruity with hints of banana and almond. In the mouth it has a sweet, slightly spicy and bitter taste. Ideal for soups, pastas and sauteed dishes.

In nose it presents a green fruity with hints of celery, rosemary and apple. In the mouth it has a fruity taste with bitterness and very balanced spiciness. Ideal for salads, rice and fried foods.

In nose it presents a green fruity with hints of freshly cut grass and artichoke. In the mouth it has a very balanced bitter and spicy taste. Ideal for meat and fish cooked in the oven or grilled. High polyphenol content.



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