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Facilities. Oleícola Jaén is a 1982 olive oil mill but which has undergone a continuous innovation and growth of its facilities. Oleícola Jaén was set up as an olive oil mill where the then most common oil extraction system was the pressing mats and Oleícola Jaén was one of the pioneer olive oil mills in installing a continuous oil production system with the hammer mills, beaters/thrashers, decanters and centrifuges. In 1986 the Oleícola Jaén facilities expanded into a new activity which is the use of the olive grove by-products and derivatives. It is in 2016 when Oleícola Jaén presented its facilities refurbishment project to convert those facilities into an open, tourist, accessible and available for visits olive oil mill.

Laboratory. Oleícola Jaén has its own laboratory in its same facilities which is registered and certified by the Government of Andalusia. The analyses which are carried out are the fat yield and moisture of the olive using the Soxhlet method, and acidity of the oil.

Production process. The production process of all virgin olive oils is a 100% natural process given that the oil extraction procedures are carried out using mechanical procedures only. The first step of the production process in the olive oil mill is to clean the olives where the leaves are blown and if necessary, the olives are washed in a washing machine; next the olives are weighed and a reference sample of the olive is taken for its sending to the laboratory and in that fashion to be able to analyse the fat yield of that olive.

Then the fruit enters into the olive oil mill where the first step is to grind the olive together with the pits into a paste where it is homogenised for approximately 45 min in a beater/thrasher, to be able to feed that olive paste into a horizontal centrifuge (3,000 RPM) for the purposes of separating the solids and liquids.

Once the solids are separated from the liquids, the solid is the main olive pomace by-product and the liquid (oil + water) which undergoes a separation process in a vertical centrifuge (7,000 RPM), it is in that process where the virgin olive oil is obtained and then subsequently goes through to the warehouse and is stored in stainless steel drums ready to be packaged and marketed.

Sophisticated technology. The technology in the olive oil sector relies on energy efficiency, waste disposal and continuous respect for the environment. To this end Oleícola Jaén has always made a commitment to leading brands in the sector.

Agricultural consultation. Carlos Nogales, technical consultant for olive-growing holdings, is available for all of our farmers to provide advice on the management of olive groves, taking into account their sanitary and nutritional state. In Grupo Oleícola Jaén we consider this effort necessary and therefore we provide our customers with a technical consultation and field monitoring service in order to optimise their production and improve their profits.

Carlos Nogales. Technical consultant for olive-growing holdings. Tel: 683577030 olivar@oleicolajaen.es

Agricultural Engineers. Oleícola Jaén in partnership with the IADA Ingenieros Consultancy Company, headed by Mr. Marino Uceda, Agricultural Engineer and one of the most prestigious elaiologists in the world of olive oil worldwide. His team is made up by Rafael López, Agricultural Engineer and Mercedes Uceda, Biologist. IADA is the company which is prepared and entrusted with the undertaking of the onsite monitoring. The Oleícola Jaén olive oil mill pursues every year with its oils to obtain excellence and to that end monitors the estates throughout the year, both as regards pruning, irrigation, fertilisers, treatments, harvesting etc…

Collection points:

  • Baeza, Camino Viejo de Jaén S/N.
  • Las Escuelas, Prolongación calle la Libertad.
  • Mancha Real, Carretera Mancha Real-Jaén.
  • Linares, Carretera Linares-Baños de la Encina



Carretera Linares-Baños de la Encina


Camino Viejo de Jaén S/n


Calle la Lonja s/n


C/ La libertad s/n

Nowadays we are living in the age of the internet and Oleícola Jaén in its zeal for innovation has created the Harvest Portal for the purposes of having all the information that the farmer needs using a simple keystroke or click either on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. In this Portal the farmer will be able to make inquiries as regards his olives delivered to the olive oil mill, the fat yield of his olives, his oil sales, his credit against the olive account etc …

Do you have a dream? Do you wish to have your own EVOO brand and to market the oil from your own olive grove estate?

We produce the extra virgin olive oil using your olives with a professional service which commences in the field and ends in a bottle. We have an IADA Ingenieros team headed by Mr. Marino Uceda, Agricultural Engineer and elaiologist being among one of the most prestigious in his profession in the world of olive oil worldwide. The Oleícola Jaén olive oil mill has a lengthy experience in the production of olive oils for over 35 years and its oils has received numerous national and international awards having obtained gold, silver and bronze medals.

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