Single variety range


Frantoio EVOO: Original variety from Tuscany, Italy. This EVOO is obtained from the Finca Llanos de Ochoa estate in the municipality of Baeza, owned by the Oleícola Jaén olive oil mill. A very aromatic EVOO, with a fruity flavour of apples, mashed fruits, almonds, field herbs, with a slight bitterness and chilli spiciness on the palate.

Frantoio PAIRING: Very interesting for pairing uncooked with salmorejos (thick soups) and chilled creams in which the sweet fruits, tropical fruits and nuts nuances stand out, as for example a white garlic, cream of pumpkin, cold yogurt and mango soup etc. Amazing when used in desserts, cake batters and pastry doughs.

royal ROYAL EVOO an autochthonous variety of the Sierra de Cazorla, which is very scarce given that it is unprofitable variety for farmers due to its low fat yield produced by its olives. A spectacular EVOO of a very intense green colour where its fruity nuance is reminiscent of the tomato plant and freshly cut grass, on the palate it is subtle with nuances of nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, and lingering on the palate is a mild spicy chilliness. Royal PAIRING: This Virgin Extra, is ideal for grilled vegetables, pastas, wild meats, blue fish such as cod, tuna carpaccios and tatakis, salmon or seafood, delicious with eggs and potatoes.

arbequina Arbequina EVOO: A very widespread variety in Catalonia and Andalusia. An EVOO with mashed fruits nuances, very mild bitterness and a rather intense spiciness typical of the Arbequina olives of Jaén. ARBEQUINA EVOO PAIRINGS: Ideal complement for emulsifying sauces; Ali-olis, mayonnaise, béchamel etc. It is also highly recommended for meats and white fish, as well as for the elaboration of desserts and sponge cakes.

picual Picual EVOO: The most common variety in the province of Jaén with over 90% of the total plantations dedicated to that olive. One in two olive trees in the world are of the Picual variety. It is a very productive variety and has a great fat yield. A very stable oil due to its high polyphenols and antioxidants content composition. An EVOO with an intense fruity flavour of green leaf, tomato plant, banana peel, bitter and spicy medium which is reminiscent of fennel, artichoke, bitter almond … PICUAL PAIRING: Ideal for pairing with intense flavours, such as garlic, onion, fresh salads, baked blue fish, and to drizzle as a final ingredient on red meats and traditional stews. Highly recommended for use in desserts with citrus fruits such as orange and especially in desserts with chocolate.

The hojiblanca olive takes its name from the white undersides of its leaves. It is also known as lucetina due to the metallic reflection given off by its leaves when they get hit by sunlight.

The hojiblanca olive takes its name from the white undersides of its leaves. It is also known as lucetina due to the metallic reflection given off by its leaves when they get hit by sunlight.

The richness of their aroma of freshly cut grass and fresh fruit is perfect for enhancing the flavour of oily fish like salmon and tuna.

Pairings with AOVE HOJIBLANCA light salads, meat marinades, oily fish, meat and fish carpaccio, intense emulsions, vinaigrettes, chilled and hot purées, pasta, sautés, vegetable preserves.


ecologico Picual ECO EVOO from organic farms certified by the CAAE (Andalusian Organic Farming Committee). This type of agriculture is 100% environmentally friendly where neither herbicides nor fungicides are used. Olive groves with average harvests, where the fruits are very balanced as regards size and nuances. A well balanced and rounded EVOO both in the fruity, bitter and spicy parameters; reminiscent of fresh grass, tomato, artichoke. PICUAL ECO PAIRING: Due to its delicacy, it can be served with everything, both sweet and salty, especially with organic greens and vegetables, enhancing all its aromas and flavours.



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